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Camping Spots in Florida: 5 Epic Spots

florida road trip pic of tree and sunsest

With a vast supply of landscapes, there is a large variety of camping spots in Florida. It’s warm winters draw people from all of over the world. It is home of the alligator, flamingo, Florida panther, bottle-nosed dolphin, and manatee. From tropical beach camping to pristine cold springs in the forest, there is an enormous […]

Boondocking Off The Grid – Water Solutions

Off the grid solutions for getting water when RV camping, also known as RV boondocking

Boondocking off the grid can be an awesome adventure. However, there are some things that you should definitely consider before packing up your RV and searching for that perfect off the grid spot.Probably the most critical thing to think about is water.How will you get it?How will you make sure it is clean and drinkable? […]

The Top RV Wifi Solutions

internet options when traveling in your RV

It is a question that I see come up time and time again, what is the best RV Wifi solution?Unfortunately, it is not a simple answer. We have been full timers now for almost 8 months, and wifi is an absolute must for us. Not dial-up speed internet, but wifi that can handle streaming TV, […]