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Do you know an ardent RVer & want to offer them the ideal present to make a living on the road more enjoyable & functional? Unfortunately, nomadic RV owners may be difficult to purchase for, whether they live on the road full-time or merely take a lot of road excursions. Also, it might be not easy if you are not a seasoned RV owner. But don’t worry: this article contains the best RV gifts ideas that will assist you in selecting amusing & useful presents that RV owners would enjoy!

1. Bungee Cords 

When you’re driving an RV, you quickly discover that everything has to be fastened in some way, & bungee cords are essential! Any RV owner would welcome a set of bungee cords to hold items in place. And a set like these with a range of lengths are the best RV gift ideas & will undoubtedly come in helpful regularly.

2. Charcoal Air Purifier 

If you spend a long time in an RV, you may find that it begins to smell less than fresh. Charcoal air purifiers absorb smells naturally without adding a synthetic aroma. This set of four may be hidden or hung around the RV to ensure it smell fresh, & it’ll be a much-appreciated present for RV owners.

3. Stasher Bags

Disposable silicone Stasher bags are amongst the best RV gift ideas. They should be in every RV kitchen because they make it easy to store food without eating up too much room. Stasher bags are available in various sizes & colors, with the half-gallon bag being particularly useful for preserving prepared meals & leftovers.

4. Instant Pot 

While the Instant Pot is popular with those who don’t live in RVs, it’s especially beneficial in an RV kitchen where the room is limited. Of course, the smallest Instant Pot will still take up some room, but it is so powerful in what it can achieve that it is well worth the space.

Of course, you can use it to create substantial stews, rice, & cereals. But did you guys know you could also use it for baking banana bread, hard-boiling eggs, & even preparing dessert? Well, this is a present that will continue to provide excellent dinners!

5. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Another best RV gift idea for RV owners who enjoy reading is the Kindle Paperwhite. Moreover, it is now waterproof & has double the storage space. There isn’t much storage room in a camper, so this is the ideal option for having a filled library with little storage space.

6. Rumpl Blanket

These cute Rumpl down fluffy blankets are amongst the best RV gift ideas and a hit with everyone! You could easily tuck them into the supplied sack & stash them in any corner or cranny of a spare room in the RV. Then, later you can bring them out whenever you need additional comfort.

These puffy blankets are available in various interesting colors & designs to match any style. Moreover, they also give a wonderful extra insulating layer to your RV bedding.

7. Compact Kitchen Gadgets

In an RV kitchen, there isn’t much room for extraneous items. However, this small collection of kitchen gadgets gives some helpful equipment that can be packed away. This kit includes a grinder, a grater, a pizza cutter, a veggie peeler, & a can opener. Well, these kits are the best RV gift ideas for an RV cook, especially when coupled with the nesting bowl set.

8. Mini Waffle Maker

This little micro waffle maker is the cutest addition to any RV owner’s kitchen, & it takes up very little room! It’s the ideal little RV Christmas present.

9. Hammock

Hammocks are the best RV gift ideas for RV owners who want to add some comfort to their outside space while they stop at camp. Of course, they could just put the hammock inside the RV & set up a comfy reading or napping corner in the woods when they get to that great campground.

10. Cell Signal Booster

If your RV-owning family member or friend is a digital nomad who works from the road, this is amongst the best RV gift ideas. Finding wifi or a mobile signal might be difficult while you’re on the road, & this booster will make it a lot easier to connect. Of course, it is a costly present, but it will be well worth it in productivity!

11. Roadside Rescue Kit

Hopefully, an RV owner would never require this Roadside Rescue Kit, yet you never know what can happen on the road. So, it would help if you always were prepared. This pack contains everything you need for any emergency, from small injuries to RV problems. It comes with a basic first-aid kit, jumper cables, a tow strap, a roadside warning sign, a torch, and other useful items, allowing you to offer the gift of tranquillity!

12. Bluetooth Speaker

While your friend’s RV most likely includes a radio system, a Bluetooth speaker enables them to transport the music outside once they’ve set up camp. Well, some don’t encourage blaring music in a busy campground. However, listening to your favorite tunes around the campfire when no one else is around can be relaxing. The battery life of the Bluetooth speaker is considerable, & it can be recharged by USB.


Above all, we hope that this guide of gifts for RV Owners has either given you the right present for someone on your list or has started your creative juices going. Nothing is worse than being ignorant when it comes to gift-giving.

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