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Best RV Gifts Ideas for RV Owners, Campers & Hobbyist

RV living is fun and exciting. Ask any RVer and they will tell you. If you are a RVer yourself and looking for best RV gift ideas, you are in the right place. RV Boondocker is a place where you will find everything about RV living.

One of the most popular topics in RV world is gifts. What should you give someone who is a RVer? There are so many amazing options available. Literally, they are hundreds of gift ideas for RV owners and campers. And, you can easily order them online from online stores like Amazon.

If you are an RV owner, it will be less overwhelming for you to choose than someone who is not an RVer. Fortunately, the internet exists and you can find information on best RV gift ideas here on RV Boondocker.

Living in a RV Vehicle

Living in a Recreational Vehicle or RV as it is popularly known is not easy. But that’s what it makes it more fun. Unlike you house, you have to choose things carefully for RV. You have to choose things that will make your life easier while you are traveling. Not all RV owners travel all the time, but many do. Campers are frequently visiting new places and living an outdoor. So, there are needs will be different than those who don’t travel frequently. This will make things easier for you when choosing a gift for your RVer friend or family. You can also buy things for yourself if you are excited by the idea of living on vehicle.

RV Camping

Camping with your RV is for frequent travelers. It is like nomad living but all the facilities. There are so many campsites available throughout America. These campsites or campgrounds come with facilities like water, electricity, restroom and others. You can enjoy camping in these parks with your RV.

You will find lots of RV gift ideas for RV campers. You can choose from various gift options. The best thing about these gifts is that they are very practical. As you know, when you are living in a RV, you need to choose gifts carefully. The more efficient you are at choosing stuff, the better will be your RV life.

Gift Ideas for RV Indoors

If you are looking for the best RV gift ideas, look for items which will be helpful inside the vehicle. The RV is a like a home for RVers and it need stuff to make it feel more homely. From kitchen items to décor and hobby, you can choose from an amazing list of gift ideas.

Here are the 5 gift ideas for RV interiors:

USA sticker map is an excellent choice as a gift. It can be installed anywhere including on the walls, windows, doors or anywhere you feel like putting it. It includes all the 50 state stickers and you can stick the states that you have visited. Plus, it will help you keep track of your RV traveling. And, it will inspire you to go one and remind you how far you have come.

Give RV-inspired dish set as a gift. This is a very practical gift as they can use it to eat, store food and even decorate the interiors. RV themed dinner sets have illustrations like the RV on it. But you can choose from a wide range of designs. This is one of the best RV gift ideas you can choose.

Most people associate sleeping in a moving vehicle as uncomfortable. But with the right mattress, you can easily make sleeping in RV more comfortable. Choose RV mattress as a gift and you will be remembered for the choice. Look for mattress that comes with memory gel, multi-layer construction, sleep cool technology and comfortable fabric. Additionally, don’t forget to choose the ideal size so that it can easily fit inside the RV.

A space-efficient, combo washer and dryer is one of the best RV gift ideas. Washer and dryer especially made for RVs come with space-saving designs and all the parts in one unit. Every RVer needs this type of device inside their vehicle so that they can easily do their laundry. Furthermore, it will also help keep things efficient and organized inside the RV.

The one that comes with the RV is no good. It is never good. Which is why, a highly efficient shower head is a perfect gift idea. Choose a shower head that offers maximized water pressure using less water. Plus, the shower head must be easy to install, have compact design and must come with multiple settings. A shower head is a great gift idea for a RVer friend or family.

Best RV Gift Ideas for Constant Travelers

There are some excellent gift ideas for traveling RVers. Traveling and camping is very common with RVers. If outdoor living is your style then you will have no problem finding the perfect gift. You can literally choose from a wide range of gift ideas for RV campers.

Here are the best outdoor gift ideas for RVers:

They are a very practical option for RVer who camp a lot in the campground. Foldable chair is easy to store and carry around. Next, they must have features like built-in drink holder. More importantly, it must be durable and easy to fold and unfold. Additionally, padded arm rest can add to the comfort level. Keep these things in mind when looking for outdoor chairs for RV camping.

This is a good addition to the list of the best RV gift ideas. It will help them create a comfortable outdoor setting wherever they go. Likewise, it will help them relax even when they are outside their RV. Make sure that its lightweight and easy to store so that it doesn’t take much space.

If you want to really make your RVer friend or family really happy then get them marshmallow roasting kit. It is a perfect tool for them to roast marshmallow while sitting around a campfire. The kit comes with easy to use and durable tongs. And, it comes with a bag for storing them safely.

Gift them a pre-paid campsite stay, gift voucher or a National Park Pass. Passes can really save money and time for RVers who love traveling and staying in campsites. If you know someone who like to visit different National Parks, this is a perfect gift for them. Pass or permits are required for staying on campsites and a pre-paid pass will save them a lot of time.

Give them portable, solar camping lights for their outdoor living. These lights are highly efficient and work as portable lantern. For instance, these lights come with USB port for charging and they are collapsible lamps. When fully charged, it can last up to 15 hours. You can also reduce and increase the light intensity as per requirements. Again, it is an easy to carry accessory for RV campers.

RV Tech Gift Ideas

Whether you live in a house, building or in RV, you need technology. Which is why, you must give your RVer friend or family tech related things as a gift. Luckily, there are so many amazing options you can choose from. These items will make their life easier and add to their comfort too. Multipurpose tech, gadgets and entertainment system works best for RV living.

Here are some of the best RV gift ideas for your tech-savvy RVer:

WiFi booster is one of the most popular choice for RV gifts. It is something everybody needs not just RVers. Of course, they have more difficulty getting WiFi signals, especially in the campgrounds. A WiFi booster will boost signal both inside the vehicle and while camping outside. Get them a reliable and high-performance WiFi booster for your RVer friend or family member.

A fitness smartwatch like Fit Bit is a great way to ensure that they stay healthy while traveling. These types of gadgets are a fun way to stay fit. For instance, they make tracking easier and effortless. When going for a run, you can easily track your steps, calorie count, temperature and more.

Just like the WiFi booster, your fellow RVers also need cellphone signal booster too. As you know, traveling can affect the signal strength, especially in campground. A cellphone signal booster can help them stay efficient and connected, at least most of the time. it is an excellent gift idea for RVers, campers and hobbyists.

Sounds too tame? But it will help them avoid all the noise and enjoy calmness. This device is an excellent option as a gift. For one thing, it will helpful for them while staying at a campground. There will be so many people around and the headphone will help them drown the noise and enjoy some privacy. Look for wireless Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones.

When you are camping in your RV in a campground, a WiFi portable projector will be your entertainment. If you want to watch movies in private, you can use portable projector. For instance, you can use a white panel of your RV to project the movie on it and enjoy it. The best thing about it is that you can use it anywhere you want.

Personalized RV Gift Ideas

The next category for the best RV gift ideas is personalized gifts. Everyone loves it. And, you can easily get a personalized RV-themed gift for your friend. You have plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the best personalized RV gift ideas for you:

You can get them a personalized RV door sign. It will be fun to display at a campground or driveway. A personalized sign can have the name, image, and other text like quotes. It is one of the best ways to show support and love for RV living. They will definitely appreciate the gesture.

This is a very popular RV accessory that you can buy for your fellow RVer. A personalized mug is fun, and practical. They can use it to drink their coffee, or tea and use it as display too. You can choose from a wide range of designs including the one with RV drawing on it.

A personalized RV mat is an excellent gift idea. It will have RV image on it with name of the owner or quote. It is one of the best RV gift ideas that you can try. It is both practical and fun to have inside your RV.

Personalized RV ornaments also make for a great gift. It will make the RV more personal and home. You can choose from various themes other than RV. For example, you can get them in Christmas themes.

Personalized RV travel journals are an excellent way to make your RVer friend happy. A personalized journal to record all the amazing memories of their journey. You can get them online. Make sure to add elements that represent the gift receiver.

Choosing the Best Gifts for RVers

Choosing the best RV gift for a fellow RVer friend or family member is not easy. But with little effort, you can easily find the perfect gift. All you have to do is keep a few things in mind. Such as:

The Bottom Line

Finding the best RV gift for RV owners and camper is easy when you know what to look for. You can choose from a wide range of best RV gift ideas to find the right one. You can choose from different categories to get the best match. The next time you need gift ideas for RV, make sure to check out the above suggestions.

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