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How do you empty your black tank without moving your RV? Or, both or your tanks.  This is a question that we get asked all the time.  Once you purchase your RV, you will quickly understand the importance of finding places/methods to emptying your tanks.  Of course, the easy way is to be hooked up to a campsite with sewage hookup.  However, sometimes that is not possible.  Pretty much, if you are staying anywhere besides a full hookup campsite, this is not an option.  So what do you do?  Our solution does cost some money for the initial items that you will need, but if you are planning on being in places with no hookups often, this is well worth the money you will put down.  In order to Empty Your Black Tank Without Moving Your RV, you will need the following:

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What you will need

  1.  A Portable RV Waste Pump (macerator) 
  2.  A tote tank – size depends on how big your tanks are, but we use this one. It is a 45 Gallon tank.
  3.  A 45 degree CLEAR hose adapter.
  4.  A garden hose that meets the following, commercial grade, NO LONGER THAN 75 FEET (suggested 50 feet) and 3/4 in diameter.
  5.  Some type of double female hose connector.  It might come with your tote tank, but you can get them cheap here.
  6. Of course you will need your standard sewer hose kit.  If you have an RV you probably have one, but this is the one I have.
  7. Disposable gloves and hand sanitizer.  I cannot stress this enough.  Stock up on both of these.  If you follow the guide below, you shouldn’t have any issues, but you never know.  It is always better to be overly clean than not.
  8. You will need to find somewhere to dump.  It is a key part if you want to empty your black tank without moving your RV. This is usually not hard, but a lot of RV parks don’t allow it unless you are camping there, or it costs a fee.  I highly suggest that you call any park or station to verify before you proceed.  you don’t want a 45 gallon tank full of human waste that you cannot empty.

Once you have the supplies, this is how you empty your black tank without moving your RV:

Empty Your Black Tank Without Moving Your RV
Empty Your Black Tank Without Moving Your RV


Once everything is attached and you double check the connections:

Next Steps

  This is how you empty your black tank without moving your RV.  Good luck!!  I typically do this about once a week, so I have plenty of experience in doing it.  So, let me know if you have any questions!  You can contact me here.  

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