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Cleaning an RV shower head is simple, not to mention quick because they are so little. You should be able to make your RV’s shower shining clean in no time with some simple domestic cleaning materials & a little elbow effort. It’s advisable to avoid using strong chemicals so that they don’t wind up in your grey sewage tank.

How to Clean your RV Shower Head?

1. Nozzles should be rubbed

The nozzles on many showerheads are made of flexible rubber. Mineral accumulation in these nozzles may be removed by gently rubbing each nozzle using your finger. You may also use a toothbrush to gently clean the nozzles.

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2. Soak the Shower Head in Vinegar

There are two approaches to this:

3. Clean the Filter Screen

You may need to reference the shower head’s instruction booklet to wash the filter screen. Don’t worry if you didn’t save the handbook! You might typically discover it on the company’s website or by calling customer care.

The filter screen is usually found in the section of the shower head that attaches to the pipe. To access the filter screen, you must first detach the showerhead from the hose.

The filter screen in most showerheads may be removed by gently brushing the filter out. You may also remove the screen from the pivot ball with needle-nose pliers/tweezers.

After removing the filter screen from the pivot ball, run it underwater for some minutes to flush out any accumulation. You may also gently brush away mineral deposits with a toothbrush.

Reinstall the RV shower head to the spray pipe & replace the filter screen in the pivot ball.

Kinds of RV Showerheads

The very first thing you should think about is the sort of showerhead you desire. There are several varieties available, each with its distinct characteristics.

The most common option is handheld RV shower heads. Rather than being attached to a wall, they attach to a hose & can be simply moved about to clean difficult-to-reach spots. Chrome or brushed nickel is used to make many high-quality handheld showerheads.

Fixed showerheads are the same as the showerheads you have at home. They are installed on the wall in a permanent position & may feature a swivel that enables you to adjust the spray. To use with your current (or new) showerhead, you might buy the wall mount individually.

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Rain showerheads feature a big diameter & a consistent water flow, similar to a rain cloud. They may be set up as a handles shower head, a fixed shower head, or both. However, a rain showerhead often does not provide as much water pressure as a classic type RV showerhead. Generally, they provide a more peaceful & luxurious spa experience than a typical shower.

Features to Search for in an RV showerhead

Several RV showerheads are built similarly, but each has its own unique set of characteristics. These are some of the things to keep an eye out for:


While RV showers might not be equivalent to what you have at your house, they’re a much-appreciated convenience when traveling. You might update your existing shower to perform more effectively by applying some of these simple methods, saving you water & a hassle.

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