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Essential RV Needs for an Epic RV Experience

RV boondocking Camping under the stars

Straight from the Experts.  EPIC RV Experience- What Your RV Needs.  One of the first things you learn is that there are a lot of RV accessories!  No one told you there were many you need to function properly.  Also, others that are helpful, and still others that are just purely convenient.

General RV Accessories


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You absolutely MUST HAVE a Sewer hose, no matter if you have a brand new off the lot RV or purchasing a used one.  You will want to buy a brand new hose, the dealership has them available to purchase at a larger price.

Next, you will need a water hose for your water supply.  Again, your RV does not come with one, you will need to purchase it separately.  

Then you will need some type of leveling blocks.  These are essential for being able to level your camper wherever you are.  Also, four chocks to put against your tires, so you don’t go rolling away.

Boondocking? Know how to empty your black tank without moving, Find out here.

Boondocking and Dry Camping 

First, if you want some electric power, it is helpful to have a portable power station.  This will allow  you to charge cell phones and other small power devices.

Additionally, a portable battery powered fan is really nice to have.  It can provide a small breeze as well as a little white noise when needed.

If you need more power, a generator is handy.  Keep in mind that most generators can not power an RV air conditioner/heater.  You will be able to use your lights and small electrical appliances.  Also, you will be limited on where and when you can use a generator.

When plugging up to standard home electric, you will need a heavy duty outdoor extension cord.  The amount of power you will be able to use from this line will depend of what else is on that line.  Each situation would be different. 

Kitchen Accessories

Depending on whether you are dry camping or have full hook ups.  Essential needs for Epic Rv travels. Here are some great additions to your RV kitchen. 

Indeed, an instant pot is an amazing kitchen accessory no matter if you are home or one the road.  It cooks things in 1/4 of the time and makes everything taste better.  It makes perfect hard boiled eggs, the shells coming right off! You can make rice perfect every time and you don’t have to watch the water like a hawk.  Just press rice and you are done.  There are so many recipes to choose from and a huge community of people and resources to choose from.  

In order to use every little nook of your RV for extra storage, these are some smart ways to organize and maximize your space.

I don’t like to punch a bunch of needless holes in the wall, that’s why I love these command stickers.  They come in many different varieties.

Every extra inch you save in your RV counts.  Space saving collapsibles are essential to your epic RV needs.

Wondering how the heck people travel and make money with their RV full time?  

Here are a few general ideas that might help you out, or at least get the ball rolling.  Remember, the key is to find multiple sources, so if by chance one falls off, you have others to turn to.  

The old bartering method

You can trade your time for camping space and even food with work exchange programs like WWOOF and Workaway.  These are usually good options if you are looking for a free place to stay, and/or someone to feed you.  Be prepared to work!

Find free camping

Boondocking and dry camping have become extremely popular and you can find many resources on where to camp.  HipCamp has many cheap options for camping as well as some of the most gorgeous hidden spaces.  Be sure to do your research before you boondock.  Check out the area, make sure it is legal to do so, etc.

Find Remote Work

Think about what your current skills are.  Everyone has a unique set of skills.  Here a few common jobs that offer remote work.  They are freelance writing, photography, graphic and web design, medical transcription, and computer programming.

If appropriate, ask if your current job could be done remotely.  There are some jobs out there that will allow you to do this.  Sales jobs, restaurant jobs, nursing, etc.  Be creative and have a plan ready when you ask your employer if this is possible.  If you approach them with a solid, well thought out plan, they just might be OK with it.

Start your own business blogging

Most people know how to blog, but don’t  know that placing ads on your blog can generate some income. However, if you can create a unique blog, and spend some time and thought developing it, it can earn you money by hosting some sort of relevant sponsored content. This generally means that if you have built a good reputation in the form of many followers, certain companies will pay you for being able to promote content which relates to their services or products.

Take Advantage of Affiliate Marketing

Though affiliate marketing is best done through blogs, because you have the base of which to promote products, you can also find big companies who run affiliate programs, Amazon being just one. You simply promote their product to a wider audience and, once people buy that product through your unique link, you will benefit with payment!

Utilize your knowledge of English

What better way to earn money than through simply offering the services of your native language! Teaching English abroad has always been a popular solution for earning a little bit of money while travelling, and its a good way to connect you to the locals and their towns and cities. With the increasing demand for English speakers to teach, this could provide a relatively good amount of easy money.

Design and Sell Your Talents

If you have a talent for making and creating things, travelling may be the time to capitalize on this. Hand-made creations are unique, and are always in demand by paying customers looking for something different than the usual high street products that are displayed repetitively in stores the world over. With Etsy and Amazon good starting places for showcasing your talents, this could be your opportunity to do what you’re good at and get paid for making personalized products in the process.

Whatever it is, you can surely find creative ways to maximize your pay and minimize your hours of work.

Think about the ebb and flow of travel.  You could pause travel and get a short-term job that needs physical presence.  You will save some money and travel again.

Diversity it absolutely important in successful remote work.  You want to have many options and multiple income streams.  Focus on building passive income so that you can travel with more freedom.

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