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It’s simple to stay safe & secure while boondocking if you keep situational awareness. Situational awareness is merely being aware of who and what is in your immediate environment while keeping awake to make quick & correct decisions.

The idea of spending a night alone in some unfamiliar, off-the-grid location may make your spine tingle. Things might go wrong in a variety of ways. If you allow your mind to go wild, it will tell you about the thousands of ways you are not safe, rather than how to keep secure.

Everything is there to prepare you for whatever may happen, from RV travel books to websites, lessons, and articles. We’ve put up an article with some vital guidelines for being safe while boondocking to make your vacation more pleasurable. Continue reading to learn more.

Tips for a Safe & Secure Boondocking Experience in an RV

1. Reduce the amount of water and electricity you use

You won’t have access to the grid or water or sewer hoses if you’re boondocking, also known as dry camping. Because of this, you’ll want to use as little water and electricity as possible.

Here are a few things you can do to cut down on your water usage:

Steps you may take to save power and energy:

RV books of different types are available to assist you in planning your vacation.

2. Go Solar!

Why not receive your energy from the sun if you need it?

This suggestion is especially helpful if you intend on boondocking in a desert where you’ll be subjected to a lot of sunshine each day.

Install solar panels, and you’ll have free and plentiful electricity for use while boondocking or going to more modern campgrounds. For further advice and crucial information about RV excursions, look for RV travel books available on the internet.

3. Boondock Near Water

Some boondocking locations, such as those managed by the National Forest Service, may offer access to potable water. You won’t need to bring as much water in this situation since it will be present.

Even if the water in the area isn’t drinkable, you can always make it drinkable by bringing a decent water filter.

4. Bring Extras & Backups

When you’re boondocking, getting back to the city whenever you need something isn’t always doable. As a result, it’s usually a good idea to carry as many spares as you can.

When you are boondocking, here are some more stuff to think about:

Get your hands on RV books if you’re not sure what to bring on your journey. 

5. Boondock During Pleasant Weather

When the weather is pleasant, it’s much easier to reduce your power consumption.

You won’t need to use AC or a heater. The daytime temperatures will be in the upper 70s & nighttime temperatures will be in the upper 60s. During the day, you’ll save on power, and at night, you’ll save on propane.

Another advantage of boondocking in good weather is also that you won’t be as concerned about becoming stranded.

Snow and ice can confine an RV, making it harder for rescuers to reach it.

Rainy weather can make regions muddy, increasing the likelihood of your rig becoming trapped in the sand and mud. By boondocking in warm, bright weather, you can avoid these issues.

6. Choose a Fantastic Parking Spot

When boondocking, the location you select to park can have a significant impact on how enjoyable and safe your vacation is. Begin by looking for a legal parking spot. There are many free boondocking spots to choose from, so why add to the stress of your journey by parking illegally?

When you get to your location, look for a place having natural terrain that can benefit you. The terrain should be flat, and it should be protected from inclement weather.

Want to know some great locations for boondocking? Get your hands on RV travel books. 

7. Make the Most of the Weather

While RVing, you don’t always have to battle the elements. In reality, the weather may be able to assist you. The secret is that you must cooperate with it to function properly.

8. Shower in the open air

Boondockers often have the advantage of secluded campsites.  One way to take advantage of this is to take an outdoor shower.  This decreases the need to use bathroom fans and helps to reduce dampness. You’ll conserve energy and have a unique bathing experience as a result.

You also won’t have to worry about spending electricity to heat your water if you use an outdoor solar shower.

These solar showers are inexpensive and compact, so you won’t have to stress about them taking up space in your RV.

9. Invest in Your RV’s Security

Cameras and alarms aren’t as costly as they formerly were, but they are still costly. However, an additional boost in safety is always worth the expenditure.

Install surveillance cameras so that you can monitor remotely while you’re gone from your RV. If you install an alarm system in your RV that you can arm while sleeping, you’ll don’t have to be concerned about sleeping through a heist again.

Extra locks for your RV’s wheels and hitch can also be fitted, so you don’t have to fear it being stolen.

10. Avoid areas where there is a lot of crime

The best tip to keep you safe when boondocking is to avoid boondocking in dangerous locations. Many parts of the country have high-crime areas.

Websites & books that depict crime maps will tell you which places have had previous incidents of crime so you can avoid them. Finding safe boondocking areas is easy with the help of RV books and websites.


Boondocking may be a lot of fun, but it’s a little more involved than simply visiting a campsite or state park. Always be cautious, respectful, and plan ahead of time to ensure a safe and enjoyable boondocking experience. We hope that the information presented above will assist you in understanding how to remain safe while boondocking in an RV.

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