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A Compostable Cooler?

Yes, you read correctly, a compostable cooler!! The Igloo Recool is now available! This is why REI is one of my favorite places to buy awesome gear for the outdoors. How many times have you had to carry around a heavy cooler just to keep your stuff cool? And how often have you purchased one of those styrofoam coolers only to feel guilty when you throw them away because you know it will take a lifetime to break down? Or how about storing coolers in general? They are big and take up a ton of space. The new compostable cooler from igloo could be an solution for all of these issues.

Compostable Cooler
The Igloo Composable Cooler

The Details

This cooler is made from biodegradable materials. Specifically recycled paper and AKD (Alkyl ketene dimer), a natural component that waxes and binds the paper pulp for stability and waterproofing.

It retains ice for up to 12 hours and water for up to 5 days. Also, it can be reused. Simply empty the water and air dry the cooler. Once it is dry, it will be ready to use again.

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The lid features 4 molded-in cup holders and a center handle with Igloo logo and the body features molded-in side handles for ease when carrying.

And it is strong too! It can hold up to 75 lbs total.

ANNNNNND, the compostable cooler is made in the USA!

I haven’t even told you the best part yet. THE PRICE. You would think that this new cooler was expensive, right? Or at least $30, $20? Nope, this compostable cooler is just $10!!


This compostable cooler is the first of it’s kind, and is going to change the future of coolers. As of right now, REI is the only company that is offering this product. So if you are looking for a light but strong, inexpensive cooler that you can reuse, this is a great option.

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