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RV Newbies

Welcome to RV Life, RV Newbies!

Here you will find help with General RV Information RV Newbies appreciate.

We create these articles because we found it hard to find some of this information when starting out. Specifically how to travel and work also.

We traveled first, across the U.S. in a car with a tent. When we finished that round of travel, we bought and RV and started again. We love to dry camp but we also need to be connected to the internet.

So here you’ll find some helpful information on boondocking, as well as being connected to live and work while traveling.

Find helpful tips for RV camping and living out in the wilderness.


RV Travel is for all different kinds of people. People that enjoy primitive, dry camping as well as being connect to resources at times.

Truly, the point of travel is to experience difference and nature. Most people wanting to stay out on the road need to also make a living. In Fact, there are many people seeking the freedom of travel in an RV.


The need to visit new places, see new things, and meet new people is becoming stronger within all of us. We crave new and different experiences. Seeing certain beautiful pieces of nature for the first time can take your breath away.


Staring at mountains, oceans, desert, or grasslands for the first time will put you in a state of awe that is hard to describe. It is what makes beautiful poetry, songs, stories, and art. Experience of life in many ways is one key to happiness. TRAVEL, BE FREE, and EXPLORE THE WORLD!

Be Amazed with what this world has to offer. Which we find to be amazing people and landscapes every where. When we look for it, there it is.

 The products we affiliate with and support help people live their dreams of travel. We hope you find these guides, articles, pictures, and products helpful too. 

Many Blessings,

Gina & Tony

Gina and Tony at Red Rocks Colorado

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