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SE to PNW Travel

Gina and Tony’s SE to PNW Travel Blog. Traveling from Florida to Oregon and California.

Our first time going from the southeast (Florida) to the Pacific Northwest (Oregon), we traveled in our car and a tent. We took the backseat out for extra storage room and emergency sleeping pad. We traveled over 15,000 miles in all.


We love to travel around the U.S. in our RV in many different ways.

When we first left Florida, we traveled in our Honda and went up the east coast. We entered South Carolina, then North Carolina, and then into Ohio and Michigan to visit our families.

From there we headed WEST WARD! SE to PNW TRAVEL

The Badlands, Yellowstone, and eventually to the incredibly beautiful Oregon coast.

We volunteered on an amazing farm and fell in love with the area, the farm, and it’s people and pets.

We visited our incredible friends along the way and met new ones for life.

Once we returned to Florida, we decided to buy an RV and make our living on the road. We did lots of boondocking, but found we needed to be connected to the internet and resources most of the time. We thoroughly enjoy both being off grid, dry camping, and being hooked up.

Since buying our RV, we have been living full time in our trailer and love it.

We camp in many ways.

Sometimes we set up the camper at a friend or family’s house, and other times we find a sweet little place to boondock for a few days, never staying anywhere for very long.

We have been asked so many questions about our adventure and our lives that we decided to start this website and blog.

Excited to answer we spent a lot of time figuring out and sharing our experiences.

We hope you find helpful information across our site and blog, SE to NW Travel.

Please contact us to ask any questions you might have or just to chat.

 The products we affiliate with and support help people live their dreams of travel. We hope you find these guides, articles, pictures, and products helpful too. 


Many Blessings,

Gina & Tony

Gina and Tony at Red Rocks Colorado

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