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planning your rv trip top 5 tips for getting there safely

The Top 5 Tips for your RV Trip

When planning your RV trip you want to be organize and prepare. Getting you and your family to your destination safely is the goal and we want to help you accomplish that goal.

1. Use Lists

In the beginning, it is helpful to have lists. Lists are extremely helpful in keeping track of what needs to be done. Have you received out free camping checklist yet? If not, hang out on our site and you will see our friendly pop up. Type in your email and it will be sent right away.

You can categorize your lists for each activity. We find it helpful to have a Packing List, Camp Entry List, and a Camp Exit List. Some call these a set up and break down list. These are the most important lists to have because these are the times that have the potential to be dangerous if not taken care of.

When on planning your RV trip you will need to complete tasks in a specific order. With all of the excitement in the adventure of getting somewhere, it is easy to forget what comes first, second, and so on.

In addition to handy lists, be sure that you when you arrive at your destination, park and get out of your RV. Walk around the area you plan to camp in and look around. You want to be aware of low hanging branches, dead tree limbs, utility poles, low spots, glass, nails and screws, and other items on the ground that could puncture your tires.


RV Insurance

2. Roadside Assistance

A good RV insurance for roadside assistance can make all of the difference when it is needed. There’s nothing worse than being stranded without knowing how to get the help you need. A recreational vehicle has specific needs and it helps tremendously to have support that understands this. We’ve found that the good folks at Good Sam offer incredible and fast service. If you are searching for great roadside assistance then look no further.

Once, while traveling back to Florida from California, we park our RV into a campground in New Mexico to rest for the night. While performing our walk around, we notice a flat tire. We call our handy Good Sam number a helpful mechanic arrived within 30 minutes. Not even finished with our coffee, our new tire inflated, we got right back on the road. We are incredibly grateful for RV insurance.

Plan your RV Trip with safety in mind.

RV Leveling Blocks

3. Get Level

The importance of staying level while camping eluded us in the beginning. Now we know the importance of it and thankfully haven’t damaged anything. Depending on your set up, it is important for the refrigerator to be level. As you may know, you always level with leveling blocks. Never use your stands or stability legs to level. They are only for stability.

4. Take Some Handy Guide Books

Being “flatlanders” from Florida, most everywhere has a great phone signal and we are rarely ever without internet service. When first planning our RV trip we had no idea how many times we would be without a signal or internet service. Thankfully we carry around a handy road maps and an atlas. Of course, we love books and have several we like to bring along. Journaling is something I like to do. So I have one for my thoughts and a separate journal for keeping notes on our travels, campsites, and other info I want to keep.

I designed a couple of blank page journals I’d love for you to check out. I can also make a custom journal for you, just contact me!

write in journal
…And So the Adventure Begin – write in journal
rv book write in journal
Do What Makes Your Heart Sing

You can find fun camping design for tshirts, pillows, coffee mugs, and more in our shop. We appreciate your support!


Additionally, this handy RV book is actually an E-book. It will help you to find dump stations when you most need them. It is frequently updated by the author so you never have to worry about outdated information.

sani dump rv book ebook

RV book road atlas from national geographic

National Geographic Road Atlas 2021: Adventure Edition

National Geographic’s Road Atlas 2021: Adventure Edition.

An Epic RV Book

Plan your RV trip with this ideal companion for the next time you hit the road. Includes up-to-date road maps for all 50 U.S. States, plus Canada and Mexico.

Major cities and metropolitan areas are shown in detail with inset maps that include popular attractions, infrastructure and points-of-interest.

Setting this atlas apart from all other road atlases are the inclusion of detailed maps and guidebook-like recommendations on the top 100 destinations.

Plus the top 24 most visited National Parks. An additional resources section provides contact information for local tourism offices, plus a place name index to help easily locate a specific city.

5. Enjoy the Journey, Do NOT Drive Too FAST

This is so dangerous. Take your time, go slow. Especially when you are new to driving an RV. Check the weather and wind before you travel. Wind speeds and traffic going by can have huge effects that you don’t feel in a regular vehicle. Stay safe and drive slow.  We suggest staying under 60 mph if at all possible.

Also, when timing out your trip to your next destination-be sure to add extra time for going under the speed limit. Your GPS will tell you that you will be there way sooner than you expect. Get a GPS that will give you options for routes for your RV. 

garmin gps rv navigation system
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When planning your RV trip, whether it is the best RV insurance, a great book, or an annoying person telling you to just slow down, they tips are the best ways to stay safe on the road.

Thank you so much for reading. Please contact us with any questions or comments. Happy Travels!!!

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