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Best Gift Ideas for RV Owners

A collection of the best gifts ideas for RV owners. You favorite campers will love these hand picked gifts.

Here you will find unique and thoughtful gits, created by RV Owners for RV Owners.

How to Choose the Best RV Gift?

Looking for the best RV gift ideas? You are in the right place. Here you will find all sorts of ideas. You will find suggestions that are helpful and easy to understand. But before you choose a gift, you have to consider a few things. Because, choosing an RV gift is different than birthday gifts.

RV Living has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. The availability of things designed especially for RVs are one of the reasons for it. Which is why, you will not have much difficulty finding the best RV gift ideas.

To choose the best RV gift, you need to consider a few important things, such as:

1. Easy to use

When you are looking for an RV gift for a friend or family or someone you know, consider the ease of use. RV living is great but it demands efficiency. You have to live with a few restrictions, which are not a deal breaker. So, when you are looking for the bets RV gift ideas, consider the ease of use. Look for things that are east to use like a state sticker or logbook. These are simple items but they are highly effective. In your RV, you should only keep the essential items.

2. Practical

The next important consideration is practicality. Choose something that is practical. In other words, something that can be actually used. Giving them a furniture is not a good idea unless it can replace the one present in the RV. You can gift them something that they can use like a replacement shower head. RVs come with a shower head but they are not as good as you expect them to be. A good shower head will not only make things better, but it also saves water and cost too.

3. Durable

Look for gifts that can last for a long time. RV living is fun when you have all the things you need. You cannot keep things in RV that can break easily or lose its efficiency quickly. You need a durable items or items for RVs that can easily withstand the pressure of outdoor living. But that it means living away from a house. For instance, you can consider giving them a foldable chair or unbreakable dinnerware. These are some of the best RV gift ideas that you can choose to give to a fellow RVer.

4. Versatile

A versatile RV gift can be helpful in so many ways. This way, RVers can save space as well cost. For example, a mat can be used inside the RV and outside in the campsite or beach. Look for items that can be used multiple ways and are easy to use and very practical. Thankfully, you can easily find these items online or from stores too. Also, thanks to the technology, you can easily find the right things to buy for the RV. You can also use the RV Boondocker resources to find the best RV gift ideas.

5. Fun and Affordable

You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy RV gifts. You can easily buy something that is both fun and affordable at the same time. Consider your budget and then decide what you can get. Good news is that you can easily find these items online. And, you can choose from a wide range of items. This way, you will be able to find the perfect item for giving your fellow RVer as a gift.

If you need more ideas for RV gifts then RV Boondocker is the best place. Here you will find helpful information and tips to make you RV living better.

RV gift guide best gifts for RV owners
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Our friend at Tarpestry.com make the coolest picnic blanket / rug / tarp called tarpestries. They are water-resistant and you can just spray them down to clean. We’ve taken our tarpestry all over. It is a super convenient tool to have for all occasion. Whether at a sandy Florida coast beach or on the rocky coast Oregon, it is the perfect thing to have.

A classic favorite of RV travelers around the U.S. Every true RV Traveler must have one.

State Stickers of United States

A sticker for each state visited!

USA sticker map for RV Travel Gift
USA sticker map RV Travel Gift
Child happily placing a state sticker onto the map on the family RV
state sticker map on the side of an RV travel gift ideas

The Ultimate RV Logbook

An amazing Travel Logbook for referencing and reminiscing. After searching for the best one, this one always comes up as the top rated RV Travel Book.

RV log book for recording travel information while RV camping
RV log book for recording travel information while camping

The ultimate log book for RVers who want to keep great records of where they’ve been.

The creators of this book are Full Time RVers themselves.

Record campground information like:

The Best Experiences in the National Parks of North America.

100 parks and ideas for rv camping and RV traveling

A Favorite among RV Owners

This book is filled with helpful travel tips and beautiful National Geographic photography.

An expert guide that showcases the best experiences in the top national, state, and city parks throughout North America.

It is the sequel to the best-selling 50 States, 5,000 ideas, by National Geographic.

Showcasing the best experiences, both obvious and unexpected, each entry in this robust guide provides an overview of the park, detailed travel advice, fascinating facts, insider knowledge about wildlife, and expert tips for hiking, biking, camping, and exploring.

From the geysers of Yellowstone National Park to the Everglades’ Nine Mile Pond Canoe Trail and the stunning peaks of Banff and Jasper in Alberta, each page will fuel your wanderlust.

Top 10 lists throughout highlight best-of destinations for river trips, monuments, panoramic views, beaches, and more.

This comprehensive book provides all the inspiration and information you need to plan your next park visit–and make it a memorable one.

25 Year Performance Warranty

A 12 Piece Dish Set inspired by RV Life

dish set with rv campers
set of 12 dishes perfect for camping, includes bowls and large and small plates great for RV life.
close up of the plates perfect for RV camping with pictures of RV campers at parks with wildlife and scenery.
Do it yourself Solar Kits Starting at Only $48.44 per month! – GoGreenSolar.com

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More of the Best Gift Ideas for RV Owners

Outdoor Rocking Chair

rv camping foldable rocking chair great for relaxing and reading at your favorite campsite

Why RV Owners will Love it..

Portable Outdoor Rocking Chair

A Reversible RV Patio Mat

RV camping rug outdoor mat

Reversible Mat for RV Patio

A Zero Gravity Recliner

rv camping chair zero gravity

Zero Gravity Lounge Patio Chair Adjustable Reclining Lounger

LED Solar Camping Light

solar led lighting for camping and outdoors

Lantern Solar Powered LED Camping with Magnet USB Port Charge & Solar Panel Portable Collapsible Waterproof Lamp

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SMA Sunny Island 4248U, 4200 Watt 48V Off-Grid Inverter

The Most Comfortable RV Mattress

RV Mattress from Amazon

Compact RV Washer and Dryer Combo

Space saving design of washer and dryer combo set great for RV campers

Why is it the perfect gift for RV Owners..

Luxury Shower Head

Self cleaning luxury shower head with chrome plated body and bpa free. Best gift ideas for RV owners

Collapsible Stainless Steel Pot

Collapsible stainless steel pot made for an RV kitchen for gas or electric stove. Made Bpa free and non toxic materials.
Collapsible stainless steel pot made for an RV kitchen for gas or electric stove. Made Bpa free and non toxic materials.
Collapsible stainless steel pot made for an RV kitchen for gas or electric stove. Made Bpa free and non toxic materials.

Camper Design Throw Pillow Covers

RV Travel Camper Design throw pillows a set of 4

More of the Best Gift Ideas for RV Owners

Meet the Camco’s RV Step Support

It Mounts Under the RV Steps and helps to Stabilize the Steps and reduce the RV Swaying.

Lifts Up For Easy Storage After Use, and only needs a One Time Installation

Camco RV step support for RV Gift for RV travel

RV TV Mount

This RV TV Mount is Designed Specifically for RV or Mobile Home

It has single arm Tilting and Swiveling 42 Inches Max, 33 Lb Load Capacity

RV TV mount gift for rv owners

These National Park Blankets – a sweet reminder of all the places you’ve been, or would like to go to.

national park blanket

National park blanket in black with usa map

collapsible led lantern

directors camping chair in black

drink holder and phone holder in camping directors chair

foldable camping directors chair black

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