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RV living is an adventure that only people living in RV know. But to have fun and live comfortably, you need to essential items with you. Whether you are going camping or traveling, these items will make your life easier. Not just that, these items also make for best RV gift ideas.

There are so many things you need in your RV for different parts of the space like kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Some are more essential than others. And, you can also gift them to fellow RVer. RV comes in many sizes, but you cannot take as many things you want. You have to choose the one that you will need and use. Space-saving items are essential.

If you are looking for a list of items that you will need in your RV, here it is:

It is not far-fetched to say that electrical accessories are very important for an RV. Things like surge protector and electrical adaptors are very important for an RV living. Without electricity and devices like mobile, you will have difficult time RVing. Which is why, RVs need surge protector and electrical adaptors. They are also some of the best RV gift ideas.

You cannot have enough toilet paper in RV. But buying toilet paper is not easy as you have to choose something that is RV-friendly. This means, it should be easily disposable. Look for toilet paper made from materials that can easily breakdown and can be disposed of through RV tank. Biodegradable toilet paper is important for RV living. You can also gift it to your RV friend so that they can stay efficient and prepared. You can order RV-friendly toilet paper online for your RV.

Every RV needs a highly efficient drinking water hose. You need water for drinking, cooking, washing and more. A water hose will help you collect water and prevent spill. They are key to accessing fresh water from the RV tank to inside of the vehicle. Having the right water hose is very important. When looking for the right water hose, look for qualities like material quality, durability, right length and diameter, and space-saving size. This is an essential RV supplies, which is why you can also gift this to your friend.

It is important to have a sewer kit for your RV vehicle. It comes with everything you need to easily hook your sewer up. Make sure that you buy a kit that comes with easy to use feature. When it comes to buying something for the RV, it should be efficient and should take less time to use. Look for sewer kit especially designed for RV living. And they also make for the best RV gift ideas.

Water pressure regulator is a plumbing valve designed to reduce the pressure of water traveling from the water line to home. It helps brings the water pressure to a safe level so that you can easily use it without any hassle. Make sure to buy a water pressure regulator that is especially designed for RV living. You can also give this as a gift to your RV friend.

Tape is important for homes, not just for RV. When traveling in a RV, these supplies are very important. Make sure that you have enough in your RV. RV living has gained popularity, which means you can buy stuff that is especially designed for RV living. The same thing can be said about the electrical and duct tape. Invest in high-quality products so that it can withstand the pressure of RV living.  

Flashlights are so important for RV living. They are important for all types of living – indoor and outdoor. It will help you stay efficient and organized and prepared for any emergency. Make sure that you invest in quality flashlights and keep more than one flashlight. This is an excellent choice for gift giving as they are practical and will be useful for RVer.

Fire extinguisher is the most important part of RV. You can never tell when you may need it. Staying safe while traveling and living in RV is the first rules you need to keep in mind. Invest in a fire extinguisher that is designed for RV living especially. Gift this to your fellow RVer.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most important things you need in your RV. Having the essential items is very important for every RVer. Make sure that you have the list of all the essential items and buy it. If you are looking for the best RV gift ideas, you can choose one or more items from this list.

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