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RV NEWBIE TIPS From Experienced Full Timers

The Best RV Newbie tips and RV Newbie Mistakes to avoid, helping you start the adventures in RV travel.

Overwhelmed with all of this RV stuff?

No worries, there are a few tips that will get you started in the right direction.

10 RV Newbie Tips from full time campers with a graphic of a blue sky at dusk and cactus shadows

Once you are loaded up with great tips and info you will be ready to travel with confidence.

RV Hacks

The first thing you will find that you need is a set of good checklists. There are many options out there to read, download, or even purchase. You can also just create your own.

There are some things in your RV that need to be done in a specific order. Other things concern safety, and others are just helpful.

Checklists come in many different categories:

Packing list

Set Up and Break Down

RV Checklists by Room: Kitchen list, Bathroom list…

Whichever way you choose to obtain your list, every RV Newbie tips include thorough lists. These came in handy when you are starting out, there is no way to remember all of the things you need to. You won’t always need these lists, but they are so important and helpful when beginning.

RV Living Tip – Keep Gloves on Hand (pun intended) at ALL times, you never know what kind of sh#% you’ll need to deal with.

RV Log Books

Keep track of your RV’s health and your life on the road!


RV Newbie Mistakes

The next helpful tip is to read many RV Newbie Mistakes. As much as I didn’t want to look at pictures of accidents, I have to say it was helpful to know the mistakes other campers made. You don’t have to go crazy, but definitely read through stories and look at pictures of others mistakes.

Common RV Newbie Mistakes:

Not recording information received when you pick up your RV. We found it helpful to make a short video on our phones.

Not practicing maneuvering. If you’ve never driven an RV you will want to spend some time practicing backing up, turning, and just getting an overall feel for your rig.

Not securing your items inside the RV. Things can easily get broken when traveling if they are not secured. It’s a good idea to stack things together so they can not move inside cabinets.

Not following checklists, this is especially important for safety, setting up, and breaking down. These checklist help to avoid simple mistakes. Reminding you to lower your antenna, close your bathroom vent, unhook all attachments, doing a walk around, and more.

Not leveling your rig. It is not just for your comfort, but for things to work properly you need to be as level as possible. It can affect your refrigerator runs, the way your doors closes, and your slides.

Not knowing your height! You can not safely drive if you are not aware of your height. There are low bridges and overhangs at gas stations, stores, and restaurants.

Not planning. There is a certain element of adventure when traveling in your RV but being left without someplace to stay the night or gas to fill up can be devastating. You don’t have to plan every little thing, but it is important to know that you have options.

our RV set up, a ford f 150 and 26 foot travel trailer camping in florida

Helpful RV Travel Apps:

ALLSTAYS – allows you to find information on different camping options in your are. From Cracker Barrels and Travel Stops to RV Resorts.

Trucker Path – gives you bridge heights and help routing your trip.

I-Exit – tells you what is off the exits you are nearest helping you find gas stations and restaurants.

Harvest Hosts – Boondock at farms, wineries, golf courses, and farms

Polar Steps – tracks your travels on a handy map

Recreation.gov – lists the nations lands and reserve campsite destinations

A Comfortable Mattress Option


RV Newbie Tips for Camping Memberships

There are many different camping memberships. Some are expensive and some are free. The type of RV travel you will be doing will help you decide if these are right for you. You may be doing a short family vacation from home to a destination or making a transition to full time RV Life.

Boondocking Definition

Boondocking definitions can change depending on who you ask, but there’s no need to be so technical. It basically means to not be connected to water, electric, and sewer hook-ups. Other words for boondocking are dry camping or wild camping. When it comes to RV Boondocking there are many ways to get electricity, water, and even wifi when out in the wild.

Find out more about RV boondocking

Discounts – There are discounts available through AAA, Military, and Senior. Be sure to ask when reserving if any of these discounts are available.

Memberships – Good Sam, Passport America, and Thousand Trails offer a wide array of prices and options. Be sure to do your research before choosing.

If you are doing vacations here and there Good Sam or something like it may be a good choice.

Traveling long distances and only stopping for a night or two while you get to your destination? Passport America may be a good choice.

Plan on staying somewhere for quite a while and traveling frequently, you may want to invest in Thousand Trails. There are also options to purchase used memberships at a discounted rate. Be sure to go through a reputable dealer for this option.

RV Newbies Facebook and Social Connections

Connecting with your community of RV travelers is a huge value. There are several different types groups to join. Find the ones you like the most. These are a great value when you have questions or just need connection with other RVers.

In conclusion, RV Newbie Tips are crucial to having more fun and freedom on the road. A few precautions and preparations will leave you that much more peace of mind.

Let us know about your adventures.

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