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Tiny House Interior – A Peek Inside a 30 Foot Tiny Home

A Peek Inside a Tiny Home

This tiny house interior is brought to you by the company Tumbleweed. The tiny house design company Tumbleweed was born in 1999. Growing alongside the beginnings a tiny house movement. The tiny house revolution is going stronger than ever. As the largest manufacturer of Tiny House RVs in North America the Tumbleweed brand is a preferred and time tested partner.

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Tiny House Design

Tumbleweed CEO Steve Weissmann began downsizing his life in 2002. After moving into a super small home of around 400 square feet he learned about tiny houses and eventually saw his first Tumbleweed in 2006. Instantly falling in love with the aesthetic and concepts of tiny house interior, Steve started volunteering his time with the micro-company. In 2007 he became a partner in the business and took the helm as President & CEO. Steve has the longest tenure of any CEO in this industry and is the visionary who pioneered the first Tiny House RV and the first Green Certified Tiny House RV.

Tiny House Floorplan

Take a peak inside the Tumbleweed “Cypress Equator” tiny house. A tiny house design by Tumbleweed with many options for customization. The Cypress 30 foot is pictured in its glory. Take a glimpse at the tiny house bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

tiny house layout

Tiny House on Wheels – Tiny House Design

tiny house exterior view

Inside a Tiny House Kitchen

Tiny House Interior

inside of a tiny home kitchen
tiny house kitchen design
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Tiny House Second Floor – Tiny House Design

upstairs view of home
upstairs looking down into the kitchen
kitchen and stairs interior

Tiny House Bedroom

upstairs inside of a tiny home

Bathroom Layout

Interior of a Tiny House

tiny home bathroom
bathroom sink
state for tiny house design

Living in a small space is rewarding. Having less “stuff” to manage, care for, and store can be incredibly freeing.

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